EICAS european institute for contemporary art and science

International co-operation

Not limited by boundaries the visual arts use a universal language and as a result offer opportunities to share experiences across the borders of language and culture. The Netherlands with movements like De Stijl, CoBrA, and the Nul-group have a history on this score.

The recently founded European Institute for Contempory Art and Science (EICAS), a museum with an outspoken international character, organizes expositions, meetings between artists and scientists, conferences and lectures, workshops, concerts and dance performances.
The museum is currently building up a collection of art from divergent schools but all within the context of the museum’s goal.

We aim at establishing connections with all sorts of institutes like museums, academies of art in various European countries to exchange art works, expositions, workshops and trainings. Our focus is on the post-war ZERO/Nul movement and contemporary European artists who work in this spirit.

We would much like to hear if your institute is interested in co-operation with EICAS. Together we could investigate the possibilities and opportunities in working together.